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1. About the convention 

2. Convention Descriptions:

  • Hip Hop History Seminar 

  • Fundamentals Clinic 

  • Performance Training 

  • Choreography Clinic 

  • Student Showcase (Optional) 

  • Hip Hop ConnXion Demo 

3. Pricing & Requirements 

4. Typical Convention Schedule 

5. Visual Media


At the start of every season, most dance studios start setting choreography on their dancers and dance companies for upcoming competitions throughout the year. Hip Hop isn’t the strength at most studios!


This is where we introduce to you…

The ConnXion Experience

In-Studio Hip Hop Convention

  • Do you want your dancers well prepared for their hip hop piece?

  • Do you want your dancers looking sharper, hitting harder and isolating with strength?

  • Do you want your dancers to become better performers?

These are just some of the things we can help your students with.


The convention is broken up into two segments. Because it’s in a more intimate studio setting, you will have a choice of either doing a one-day Fundamentals and Performance Training Clinic which will include a Hip Hop History Seminar, a one-day Choreography Clinic, or BOTH over a two-day period.


Hip Hop History Seminar.jpg

Hip Hop History Seminar

The Hip Hop ConnXion teachers will comprehensively go over the basic history explaining who the creators, innovators and influencers of some of the different hip hop and street styles we do today. They will also teach the terminology and the timeline of the hip hop and street dance culture.

Fundamentals Clinic

The Hip Hop ConnXion HQ professional dance company will bring in their expert teachers to help educate your students with the hardcore fundamentals needed in hip hop and street dance to make competition and exhibition hip hop pieces look better as a whole.


The students, from 6 years of age up to adult professional level will be taught key fundamentals such as popping, waving, locking, isolations, housing and other styles of hip hop tailored towards what you believe are your dancer’s strengths and weaknesses.