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THE ONE Street Dance Showcase (formerly known as THE ONE Urban Dance Showcase) is the most renowned annual street dance showcase in the Midwest, uniting the top professional and amateur street dance companies in Chicago and its surrounding suburbs and states.


Since its inception on March 24th, 2007, THE ONE has been hosted by the Hip Hop ConnXion professional dance company. The show was originally started to help bridge the gap between street dance communities from the city and the suburbs of Illinois in a family-friendly environment. The event produced a larger than expected turnout which paved the way for the show to become an annual event.

THE ONE incorporates different styles of street dance including hip hop, tap, break dancing, stepping, popping, locking, Chicago footwork and stomp-style rhythmic performance highlighting the Midwest street dance scene as one of the best in the country. The typically sold-out show takes place at some of the most storied venues in Chicago, and always proves to be one of the most talked about events every year. This is truly a show for the community! 

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, THE ONE shut down for three years from 2020-2022. With an uncertain future, the show reopened its doors for the masses to a thunderous homecoming, and another sell-out crowd in 2023 reaffirming its position as the most revered street dance showcase in the Midwest.

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